About Us

Headland Agrochemicals Ltd, an operating company of FMC Corporation, is a leading supplier of speciality and generic crop protection products, foliar nutrition (including a wide range of advanced micronutrient products), soluble fertilisers and adjuvants to UK and Global Agriculture, Horticulture, Industrial and Amenity markets.

Headland is based in Deeside, UK where we have a manufacturing and filling plant supported by World Class formulation development facilities and a quality control laboratory which ensure advanced products of the highest standard. Headland supplies a wide range of leading crop protection products including selective and nonselective herbicides for use in all sectors as well as fungicides and insecticides for the agricultural and horticultural markets that offer advanced formulations for superior performance.

As an operating company of FMC, Headland benefits from a pipeline of future development projects ensuring that our agrochemical product range continues to grow and evolve. This enables Headland to adapt to the ever changing demands of our customers and the latest cropping practices according to new environmental challenges and legislative reform.

Over the past 30 years Headland has expanded it crop nutrition business rapidly. We now export to over 30 countries worldwide, covering Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australasia and North and South America.

Headlands Advanced Formulations

Balanced nutrition is essential for plant development. Nutrient products must therefore be of the highest quality to counteract natural or induced deficiencies to meet the growing requirements of high yielding crops.

Formulation technology has developed considerably from the early days of applying foliar nutrients in a basic inorganic form. To be really effective plant nutrients today are applied to the foliage of the plant and move through the waxy plant cuticle into the leaf and on into the plant’s internal transport system.

It is proven that ingredients in co-formulation with plant nutrients have a dramatic impact on facilitating leaf entry and on nutrient availability in the plant.

Scientific research data shows that in addition to aiding uptake some co-formulants act to help compatibility in the spray tank (and some have a dual role, helping both compatibility and uptake), some modify the acidity of the spray water, whilst others act to tie up or block out unwanted ions which can interfere with product efficacy.

Other co-formulants act within the plant by increasing or maintaining levels of chlorophyll, improving the uptake of other nutrients or by acting in a similar way to plant hormones. And in addition the type of salt used in the product will have an impact on uptake and availability. For example, Manganese based on Nitrate salt has been proven in trials to be taken into the plant more readily than other salts.

Other experiments have shown that Magnesium Nitrate is more readily available than Magnesium Sulphate.

All Headland products utilise the best ingredients available to ensure any investment in plant nutrition is maximised.

Applying a plant nutrient in basic form to the crop is very different from applying a fully formulated Headland product containing a plant nutrient. The first option is ineffective in terms of the end result and in terms of cost whereas the latter is cost effective because the applied nutrient is used far more efficiently by the crop.

All Headland products are fully formulated using the most advanced chemistry available and contain the best available surfactants and adjuvants to assist absorption by the plant.